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The path to the top is steep. To some, it is scary. To the daring, it is exhilarating. We at IITopper (erstwhile GoIITJEE) work with the vision that our students will find the challenge to reach the top a thrill.

Within a short span of period IITopper (ITP) has established itself as the numero uno (#1) educational center in IIT-JEE & AIEEE training in West Bengal. ITP boasts of the best percentage of success in IIT-JEE & AIEEE in last three years, as well as the ranks in the topmost echelon in West Bengal.

Our teaching methodology consists in strong focus on fundamentals and letting the students think and work on their own.

Our faculty takes care of the basic foundation of the subject and emphasize on learning through the textbooks, thus integrating the studies for Board exams. Once approach makes our students very well-placed to take care of themselves in all patterns of examination.

Finally, we do not merely teach the subjects to our students. We teach our students how to study the subjects. It is this emphasis on the students, rather than on teaching, that makes us unique in our field.

It is our students who make us, as we help them to develop themselves.


Ranks in

JEE Advanced 2014

10 Ranks in Top 100 WBJEE - 2014

  • Archishman Saha

    JEE ADV AIR - 485 ...

  • Akhil Kedia

    AIR - 110 , State ...

  • Asket Agarwal

    JEE (Adv) - 419 KVPY(AIR) ...

Notice regarding new batch IX, X and XI

Goiitjee will start classes for class IX, X, XI batch starting at 2020 after April 15th. We will inform you of the date of commencement as soon as we can. We may start online classes after April 15 if required and it is convenient for you. We seek your opinion regarding this matter at goiitjee@gmail.com or www.iitopper.com Student must provide their name with their personal mail id by sms or in our GOIITJEE mail

Admission for XI(20-22) batch and XII(19-21) batch

Our admission process for 2020-22 and 2019-20 batches are going on online. Contact no #9874195675, # 7044094543

Online Class login process

Step 1: First you have to open our website wwww.iitopper.com Step 2: Then you have to click on Online Class Step 3: Then you have to write User name and Password and then you have to submit Step 4: Then you have to go to Gofba mail option and click it Step 5: you will click on the invitation mail. Step 6: After that accept Invitaion Step 7: Then click on Activate Invitation now Step 8: Exit Step 9: Then click on Gofba chat Step read more

Notice for Online Classes (2019-21)

GoIITJEE’s review classes till 31st March will be held online. Study topics will be updated weekly for each subject in this site, starting from this Saturday (21/3/2020). For individual doubts students please whatsaap Anirban Sir at 9830530933 (personal number for students only.

NOTICE : XI – (2020 – 22)

GOIITJEE’s Classes for class XI (2020 – 22) session will start from 10th April (Goodfriday) in Salt Lake & 11th April (Saturday) in Golpark centre.   Orientation + Syllabus + Text Book   Salt Lake : 10th April (Goodfriday) : 9:00 A.M. – 12 noon Golpark : 11th April (Saturday) : 2:30 P.M. – 5:30 PM   Regular classes will start from 12th April 2020 as per Brochure timing.

NOTICE : IX & X – (2020 – 21)

GOIITJEE’s Classes for class IX & X (2020 – 21) session will start from 10th April (Goodfriday) in Salt Lake & 11th April (Saturday) in Golpark centre.   Orientation   Salt Lake : 10th April (Goodfriday) : 9:00 A.M. – 10:30 P.M. Golpark : 11th April (Saturday) : 2:30 P.M. – 4:00 PM   Regular classes will start from 12th April 2020 as per Brochure timing.

Notice XI Exam Break (2019-21)

NOTICE (2019-21) Batch Annual Examination Break from 29th Feb (Saturday) to 6th March (Both days included). Classes will resume from 7th March (Saturday) in Golpark and 8th March (Sunday) in Salt Lake. Review classes will be held from 7th March to 24th March (Tuesday) during which the syllabus would not moved forward. Regular classes will resume from 26th March (Thursday) onward. Note: 10th March (Tuesday), is a holiday for Holi festival.      

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